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Accommodation in Iceland is generally known for good quality and high standard. All of the accommodation in Stykkishólmur is within easy walking distance to town´s cantre and all general services. Our guests can choose between good hotels to small and friendly guesthouses and youth hostel. A good 5 star camping site with a new service hut is in Stykkishólmur and it is placed next to the golf course. Choose from the list below.




Aðalgötu 27

IS-340 Stykkishólmi

Tel: 438 1075 / 849 8435

Netfang: mostri@stykk.is


Stykkishólmur campsite is perfectly located next to Víkurvöllur golf course, only 5 minutes walk to swimming pool, supermarket, restaurants and all general services. At the Club house/Tourist Information Center you can pay the accommodation fee. The campsite is a wireless hot-spot.




The Camping site is open from May 15th – August 31st.



There are WC facilities in 2 places at the campsite, in service hut and in Clubhouse, including 14 toilets. Washbains (with cold & hot water) are situated in both facilities and there are taps to fill water cans. At camping site there is also facilitie to empty and clean car toilets.



2 outdoor showers with hot water are in the new service hut.


Washing machine and dryer

Washing machine and tumble dryer are available at the Club house/Tourist Information Center. This survice is not included in accommodation fee. Contact the warden for further information.



Electricity boards are situated in a few places on the area, available for campers. This survice is not included in accommodation fee. Contact the warden for further information.




Guesthouses / Apartments


Bænir og brauð

Laufásvegi 1

Tel: 820 5408

Email: gretasig@gmail.com

Web: www.baenirogbraud.is


Harbour Hostel

Hafnargata 4

Tel: 517-5353

Email: info@harbourhostel.is

Web: http://harbourhostel.is



Heimagisting Ölmu

Contact: Alma Diego Arnórsdóttir

Sundabakka 12

Tel: 438 1435

Email: almdie@simnet.is

Web: www.simnet.is/almdie


Heimagisting Skúlagötu 4

Tel: 899 9144
Email: holmurinn@simnet.is

Web: www.holmur-inn.com



Höfðagata Gisting

Höfðagötu 11

Contact: Birna E. Sigurðardóttir

Tel: 694 6569

Email: ellabirna@hofdagata.is

Web: www.hofdagata.is




Hotels & apartments


Hótel Breiðafjörður

Aðalgötu 8

Tel: 433 2200

Email: info@hotelbreidafjordur.is

Web: www.hotelbreidafjordur.is


Hótel Egilsen

Aðalgata 2

Tel: 554-7700

Email: booking@egilsen.is


Hótel Fransiskus

Austurgata 7, 340 Stykkishólmur

Tel: 422 1101





Hótel Stykkishólmur

Borgarbraut 8 

Tel: 430-2100

Email: hotelstykkisholmur@simnet.is

Web: www.hringhotels.is



Á næstunni
Stykkishólmsbær - Kt. 620269-7009 - Hafnargötu 3 - 340 Stykkishólmur - Sími 433 8100 - Fax 438 1687 - stykkisholmur@stykkisholmur.is - Starfsmenn - Veftré